Garena shuts down Sigma Battle Royale, a copy of Free Fire.

Fans of battle royale games have dedicated the most of their conversation over the past several days to Sigma Battle Royale. This is happening as a result of the game having a ridiculous amount of visual similarities to Garena’s Free Fire. However, in light of current developments, Garena has removed the Free Fire clone Sigma from the Google Play store.

Free Fire is a lower-quality alternative to PUBG Mobile that came out the same year (2017). Because the overall size of Free Fire has only grown since it was first released, it is now significantly more difficult for lower-end devices with only two gigabytes of random access memory (RAM) to operate the game. This cycle looks to be repeating itself. And this is where Studio Arm Private Limited attempted to capitalise on its entry-level battle royale game by betting on it.

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A Carbon Copy of Free Fire, Sigma Battle Royale

Gamers with lower-end smartphones had the option of playing Sigma Battle Royale, which featured visuals that were extremely similar to those found in Free Fire. The game was an instant hit as soon as it was released on the Play Store since the gameplay elements were so incredibly similar to those found in Free Fire. Taking into consideration the expansion of this game throughout the community, Free Fire influencers such as Aura Gaming have referred to it as “Free Fire light.” However, this success didn’t last long, and the game was later removed from the Play store because of copyright infringement.

Credits: Studio Arm Private Limited

Sigma Battle Royale Copyright Infringement & Servers

As a low-quality alternative to Free Fire, Sigma Battle Royale was released first as an open beta test form, and gamers quickly began downloading and enjoying the game in this capacity. The game’s servers were turned off permanently on December 2nd, when the game was finally discontinued. The game will no longer be accessible to any of the gamers who previously had Sigma Battle Royale installed on their own devices as a game.

Sigma Battle Royale Re-launch?

It is currently uncertain when the game will once again become available for play, not to mention whether or not it will even be brought back at all. Due to our prior experiences with the games Area F2 (a Rainbow Six clone) and Combat Master,(COD Modern Warfare copy) the likelihood of the game getting re-added to the Play Store is quite remote at this point.

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